four hundred roses

So, what are the 400Roses?

'Four Hundred Roses' - a group of dancers drawn from a far-flung area (from Darlington to Stockport and Skipton to Leeds). We first came together in late 2005 in a series of experimental workshops run to explore the possibilities of combining UK folk music and dance with Tribal style bellydance. Tribal bellydance is a modern and exciting form of Belly Dance - a fusion of Arabic, Gypsy, Indian and other styles – so merging it further into UK folk dance seemed like a fun idea. It was, and it continues to be so.

We have moved from our first experiments to creating our own unique style – which is finding acceptance at various folk dance events.

Why the name? Choosing the name for a new venture is always tricky and it was something that gave us a real problem. At the time we were creating our first costumes and had already decided to use lots of red and white roses (particularly appropriate to the Yorkshire & Lancashire origins of the troupe) as part of our theme. The name was suggested as we had just purchased a bulk supply of 400 silk rose heads. Somehow the name seemed to work - although at this stage we have far more than the initial 400 silk roses!

What people say about us…

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Now in our tenth year!